Who are we?

Technologetic is a media creation house in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in making stunning video to distribute online. We also regularly produce technology videos for our YouTube channel.

What videos do we make?

  • Weddings, parties, anniversaries, religious ceremonies etc.
  • Corporate events (including product launches, AGMs etc.)
  • Brand and product showcases, tutorials or demos
  • Live music, musicals, theatre & stage shows
  • And more.



We offer a basic photography and retouching service, using the latest Canon equipment and accessories to shoot staff photos and head shots, custom stock photos, events and more.


Offering a comprehensive multi-camera videography service is our bread and butter, having shot weddings, parties, celebrations, marketing, product launches and instructional/training videos.

Video Editing

Using the same software that blockbuster movies are edited in, we can cut a video that will impress anyone. Combining this with our first-class videography service makes for a compelling package.

Website Modification

We can help you design and edit websites using the latest web technologies, using front and back-end languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Prototype, React, NodeJS) as well as PHP, Python, Java & Swift.



Sam Wright

Managing Director

Sam is a fourth year university student studying computer science in Melbourne, Australia. He has created over 300 videos for clients, the YouTube channel Technologetic and other organisations since 2012 using Canon equipment and editing with Adobe Creative Cloud. Furthermore, he has skills in HTML, CSS, C#, JavaScript, React, Angular, PHP and Python.